Game Theory: FNAF, The SECRET Afton (FNAF Security Breach)

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    Theorists, FNAF is my bread and butter. It has taken over my life and my brain. So when I say I think Gregory is a robot, I'm not kidding around. Today, I'm doubling down on my last theory. PLUS we are diving even deeper into the lore hidden in Five Nights At Freddy's: Security Breach!

    Greg Port by Takato Matsuki
    Glamrock Freddy Port by Dr.PickleCheese

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    0:00 - No, Greg COULD really be a robot.
    11:25 - Vanessa is Baby... maybe?
    18:38 - Special Thanks to Displate!

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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Tom Robinson
    Editors: Tyler Mascola, Pedro Freitas, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
    Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (Caiterpillart)
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. B-1 Battle Droid

      Just a reminder to like the video! He puts in a ton of effort for these videos! ❤

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    2. MiraGrace Studios

      Whether the theory ends up being correct or not, I think we can all thank MatPat and his team for coming up with these theories and piecing them together via videos for us!

      1. EzuqR


      2. Zuzi Tuffin

        @Yeet agreee

      3. Soapyboi9735 Boyo

        I don't believe this theory at all because freddy's vision turns to static not Gregory matpat misjudged something and of course Chica has a thing for scanning to tell what the name is duh (anybody else with me here?) (I know it's called game theory and all but this theory is just stupid) (but it could still be possible)

      4. Darius Bostic

        For anyone reading this: JESUS loves you so much that HE gave up HIS own life for you on the cross, and if you repent of your sins, and accept HIM as Lord and Savior, you will become a Christian, and you will have everlasting life!

      5. Homura Gaming

        I mean Matt works with the fnaf team

    3. Mark Sucks at Video Games

      I haven't played a single game in this franchise but I really enjoy the lore via these theories --glad for all the hard work! Wish I'd started watching GT Live sooner!

      1. InfinitePossibilities

        That's me tho

      2. david farver

        Haven't played one either your not alone

      3. Heartless Nina This is Relatable To Your Pain 😓

    4. Fay Palestine

      Can we just talk about how amazing the editors are? They make intros like the game the theory is about! They are amazing.

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      2. Naruto⭐️

    5. FunFact_Man

      I loved the theory! The only gripe I had with it is at around 10:58 you mentioned Gregory's shirt color changed and I feel that this isn't necessarily a hint towards lore as much as it is a stylistic choice of the designers to better suit the sunrise in the background. Not by any means do I think this invalidates the theory but it is something I just wanted to mention. Again I wanna reinstate that its clear you and your team put a lot of effort into theses theories, and it shows, I just wanted to share my personal takeaway.

      1. Asher

        @FunFact_Man I agree. But one thing I always realize about Scott is that he never changes things randomly. They almost *always* have some kind of hidden meaning, or a very specific reason for doing something.

      2. _ Vibes_

        i think the shirt change is valid because if you was to wear a blue shirt and go outside it would still be blue regardless where the sun is

      3. scrunkly doodle


      4. FunFact_Man

        I also forgot to mention that Freddy's color and Vanessa's pants color change as well which is why I think it's just to illustrate the lighting.

    6. EroticUFO

      Mat Pat is frustrated and exhausted at this point. But I am soooo grateful for your theories. They are what keep me interested in FNAF. You’re keeping this franchise alive!

      1. Heartless Nina This is Relatable To Your Pain 😓

    7. Aeroga

      As I played through the game I actively thought about how I can’t wait for your theories about it! LOVE IT

      1. Jw

        The Gay Theorists Content is Garbage LMFAO, My content is better!

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        Just a reminder to like the video! He puts in a ton of effort for these videos! ❤


        Just a reminder to like the video! He puts in a ton of effort for these videos! ❤

      5. Quantum Leap

    8. Bearded Failures

      I just wanna say for the soul of Elizabeth Afton not being into baby anymore, she could have possessed "Vanny", and used an illusion disk (which you mentioned in the fnaf lore books) to make the suit look into something more human. As you've said, "Vanny" can't be seen by Glamrock Freddy except when he has new eyes, maybe she just looks like Vanessa to him, but this is a giant stretch. Up to you, to understand my theory on if Vanessa is Elizabeth.

      1. Kat Kay

        I agree, also, Vanessa and Vanny are far too similar names to not be connectef

    9. レア

      saying this out of genuine facts, im not trying to mock anyone. we all know scott doesn't do consenquences, so the correlation between gregory and the crying child is valid enough to be made into a theory it's like what mat said, we're talking about fnaf, a game where everything is connected

      1. belle

        do you mean coincidences, not consequences?

    10. MELmel

      Let me just say that in the game, Freedy calls out how the name "Vanny" kind of sounds like "Vanessa" and "Bunny". Like DUH! Even Markiplier mentioned how this was way too clear and there had to be something else going on than just THAT. But hear me out, "Vanny" also kinda sounds like "Vanessa" and "Baby". Now look back at the second half of MatPats video. Makes you think, doesn't it?

    11. Dash

      FNAF Videos never get old ❤️

      1. Naruto🔥⭐️

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    12. CurtRichy

      Whether right or wrong, you gotta admit, the gregory is the crying child has a lot of evidence to back it. Tbh its a very reasonable theory

      1. Malcolm Cowart2

        @Big Spazz that's what I said! I find that so hilarious 😂. I know there's probably just something that I missed, but it's still funny to me

      2. Wannabe Africanboy

        @DatOneWeeb oh what!? Roxy can see through walls!!?? That changes nothing. Vanny has the normal security robots I don’t remember if vannesa just commands them or she just hacked them but vanny being for no reason invisible to robot eyes but still being able to interact with things makes no sense. Unless she has an illusion disc which was never seen or mentioned she had to hack them

      3. Cabba Cabbage

        @Dynasty in dbd they did a justice for that too by having his name be "William "Bill" Overbeck"

      4. Cabba Cabbage

        Until Scott goes "Haha, WORNG!"

      5. Big Spazz

        @Dynasty oh ok

    13. María Sol

      Regarding the "Vanessa is Elizabeth" theory, I always assumed that, since Glitchtrap could mess with Vanessa's mind, he could very well mess with her memories too, making her believe she went through what probably happened to Elizabeth. I mean, that's what it felt like with patient 46, who supposedly lied about their childhood

      1. Twylyght2020

        I was thinking the same thing. It would explain the split personality and her false memories. I think Glitchtrap did this because Elizabeth is very eager to be like her father. Baby said as much at the end of Pizzaria Simulator.

    14. Jacen Guardado

      Can we talk about how you learn about Vanessa’s therapy by collecting 16 CDs? Which is a fairly specific number, one we have only seen in the 16 Fnaf VR tapes.

      1. Pufferfish

        Actually he does make a mention of this during one of his playthrough videos on the GTLive channel.

      2. juniper

        yeah, probably just a reference since vanny is almost definitely the Vanessa from those tapes

      3. Don't read profile photo

        Don't Read My Name

    15. EndrSlndr

      Honestly alot of this is as solid as a theory can get.

    16. TheyreApollo

      I consider most of MatPat’s theories as amazing storytelling. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a jab at him, his theory are very well put together, but most importantly it flows well as a video. So even though I don’t necessarily agree with all of this video, I still really like it :)

    17. Wild

      I genuinely don't care it the theories are right or not I just love hearing them explained. I mean you gotta remember this entire channel is called game THEORY

      1. MIETALA

        @Duck Man definition of insanity

      2. TROLL KING

        @ILoveDucks_3759 he literally puts evidence

      3. Frolic


      4. trinitea corianna

        EXACTLY like why are ppl so pressed for lmao

      5. Milkue Tea

        Fr, it's called game THEORY and not game FACT for a reason

    18. Xploshi

      Maybe once they patch the game to make it actually finished theorising will be easier

    19. Blobfish Girl

      Always love listening to your theories! It's crazy how far this franchise as come, I remember playing Fnaf 2 on my tablet on the bus-and being to scared to watch your theories alone at night lol.

    20. How many licks?

      That fact that this reached #1in trending really shows how far this channel has come. Always loved the ideas and editing. You deserve it.

    21. Alexander Chon

      As much I like the whole thing of Greg being "Robo Crying Child" I just wanna point out about the fact that Glitchtrap posessed Vanessa and making the alter-ego of Vanny (one of the endings requires you play the hidden Princess Quest arcade cabinates which inturn let Vanessa have full control of her body again). The whole visual glitch effect when Vanny is near could be Glitchtrap not wanting to be spotted by anyone in general. I'm still sold on the fact that Gregory is just an orphan that happens to look like the crying child.

    22. Wren Darling

      I could listen to MatPat deliver crackpot theories all day. Especially about FNAF. I genuinely love this channel.

      1. Ty The Great

        @Munya Llama ya don’t know what irony is kid

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        @Jw uh-huh…

      3. Munya Llama

        @Ty The Great the irony 💀

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        The Gay Theorists Content is Garbage LMFAO, My content is better!

      5. Ty The Great

        @Wren Darling you don’t know what fetishizing means kid

    23. JHelfrich

      I'm amused at the accusation of Mat rushing things when he was basically the last CNblowr to be streaming the game for a first run-through. I still have to wonder about the custody battle story in the CDs. I don't remember the order of them but I got the feeling that the person hinted at going through Vanessa's files (likely Glitchtrap?) was less to find information to manipulate her and more to implant that fake story to throw the therapists off as was hinted at in the last session. Still, I enjoyed the theory and look forward to the next one.

    24. Mitchell Walker

      Thank you to everyone who contributes to making these videos, I can genuinely say I never get as excited over something as I do when I see a fnaf lore video uploaded. Keep up the great work, looking forward to see your views and opinions on the other therapy patient :)

    25. Sonia’s Way

      Still theorizing about fnaf and still taking criticism like an absolute champ. Keep theorizing Matpat. Love from a fellow creator

    26. Secret_Star

      Not to disprove your theory, but with the “broken” line, in FNAF Sister Location Night 5, Baby refers to herself as broken, so broken doesn’t just refer to Crying Child & Gregory (or just the one character idk).

    27. Just Some Guy without a Mustache

      Even after every FNAF theory MatPat has done these past years, it's still mind boggling how consistent he is at coming up with them

      1. Jw

        The Gay Theorists Content is Garbage LMFAO, My content is better!

      2. Rafi Arsa

        dang, these reply section have more bots than all of the animatronics in fnaf

      3. Nome [HoloFans Grave Digger, Desk-Kun Repair Shop]

        Your both a bot magnet and a copy bot magnet

      4. Josey Strife

        Hey did you see that your comment about the Moon Knight trailer got a shout out by Jeremy Jahns

      5. Exploitable Cheese

        if i had to do theories on a series for this many years i would have gone mentally ill and taken to a mental facility

    28. Kazachi69

      #1 on trending again Mat. It's like you've gained a new superpower. But that's just a theory.

    29. DLT Alestell125

      11:13 "Do I love the fact that it complicates the lore even more?" Yes, you actually do. The more complicated, the most fun you have in these videos

    30. Shea Frenyea-Provost

      I would love to see matpat react to The Interviewed by J-gems. Their take on the franchise is amazing and the videos are insane!

    31. Milky Steroids

      8:35 Because he can see through things and what he’s probably seeing is Gregory’s organs 8:45 Solid evidence, but it’s also possibly a stylistic choice. Another idea is that the illusion chips affect Gregory because he is human and not a robot and in the end, Freddy is able to see her because of Roxy’s eyes

    32. SneakySileny

      William Afton is the definiton of "But wait, there's more!"

      1. Miketrapper04

        @Guy no I’m not, purple guy doesn’t want to die, neither does palpatine

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        @Miketrapper04 you’re it wrong lmao

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        No that's Billy "Death of a great salesman" himself.

      4. Freon

        Someone made the joke of my death was greatly exaggerated, right?

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    33. Sachi Y

      and THIS Ladies and Gents is why i absolutely LOVE Matpat and the Game Theorists. Seriously, its incredible how Matpat knows how to always bring the fun and excitement in anything. and hey, im absolutely here for the ride that is insane FNAF theories, cause these games are quite frankly insane enough. the craziness is what always has me coming back year after year. keep it going!

    34. A Mysterious Gamer Approaches

      I’m saying this again: Freddy sees Gregory different with the new eyes since he sees Gregory’s skeleton/flesh with X-ray

    35. Andrew Douglas

      This series of theory vids is such a guilty pleasure and I absolutely love it. I know the series is stressful to work on from the sheer volume and the fanatical views of some fans, but these uploads make me really happy because what I find the most interesting discussions to be are when someone is unabashedly enthusiastic and knowledgeable about a subject. Also, I always thought your reasons for gifting Undertale are really sweet (and that Sans is Ness is a great theory).

    36. EhFizzy

      #1 trending, well deserved. Love you matpat❤️

    37. OwO

      You know what would be funny, if the voice actor of Freddy Fazbear made a voice over on how many videos Mat has made for this francise. I would say, it would definitely create a meme.

      1. GwynGwyn _

        @Lost K1D even better that Kellen and MatPat knows each other, and even did voice lines for one of Mat’s fnaf 5 videos.

      2. Jw

        The Gay Theorists Content is Garbage LMFAO, My content is better!

      3. Kekio Kenonozo

        @Legomaster87544 Gaming Same! And it needs to stop!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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      5. King Frog

        @Yukie Rosé stop

    38. November Shoup

      I really love matpats theories even if they’re just wrong I want to believe in them more then the theories that end up being true 💜

    39. jeaijo4

      Wow matpat! This was incredible! I am always so excited for your security breach theories and you always leave me with so many answers, but yet, so many questions, can't wait for the next theory!

    40. no credits

      16:29 it was kinda disappointing finding Bonnie there, considering the "mystery" under him through the game

    41. ChaoticNightmareX

      Hey, MatPat. Love your work. I can really get into most of your theories because of how well you present them. FNAF is a crazy mess at times until you come in with a broom and dust pan to tidy things up. It looks like you'll be tackling one of my questions next video, but there are some things that I'd like your opinion on that kept me up the other night. It would be cool to hear from y'all.

    42. MoliminousTheater

      really happy he's actually clapping back on some of the dumb counters, he's normally pretty passive

      1. fluffymonster

        @Jw X

      2. alexvstheworld

        @Jw that's homophobic mah boa, that ain't cool🙅🏾‍♂️

      3. Jw

        The Gay Theorists Content is Garbage LMFAO, My content is better!

      4. alexvstheworld

        @Wak Glitch the information they need is in the video that they commented under. no one "took away the puzzle piece"

      5. Wak Glitch

        @fluffymonster Exactly. While I haven't been a fan of where the series has been going lately (be it the gameplay or the lore), even then, that doesn't ruin the spirit of the theories. It's a sort of art at this point with how long it has driven this community.

    43. Katy Dobbs

      I always love your videos, you’re doing a great job and I agree with the crying child being Gregory, it makes sense. I had a weird thought that probably has nothing to do with anything but, if you remember in beginning when Freddy and Gregory are going down the stairwell, there was something that fell down the well. And from what I’ve heard and seen, I believe it was an endo, what if that was the Endoskeleton of Bonnie and Monty was trying to dispose of it? 🤔😂 It’s stupid but idk, it was a weird thought. Either way I believe Monty did something to Bonnie.

    44. McNugget

      Matpat: *makes a theory that doesn’t make sense* Twitter: I see this as an Avengers level threat.

    45. Siv Kyne

      I truly appreciate the dedication to theory making despite FNAF being the most convoluted series ever.

    46. Phineas 愛

      Don’t worry mat I’m with you on the security breach theories

    47. Jackson Trom

      Love how Matpat’s been doing fine with FNAF theories and THIS was the one that split the internet.

      1. Andrew Douglas

        Shows you how buck wild this franchise is. Also how buck wild some fans are.

      2. X Thunder

        @Jw k imma report you

      3. Storm Arashi

        @Tiana Bimbana You've never been part of the main fandom then. Stuff happens.

      4. Tiana Bimbana

        @Storm Arashi Nobody has done that, don't even 🙄 Yall always go to the extremes if you can't score a crushing win

      5. O ___O

        @Insertia Nameia Trust me. You would say that until you're the one getting sent death threats, and toxicity.

    48. DragonMaster DM

      8:38 Yes, because as we all know when a person is looked at through an X-ray they obviously look exactly the same as they always do.

    49. Grace F

      Loved this! Can't wait to see what's next :))

    50. orrin.

      the game theory community seems so incredibly wholesome as a reaction to their childhood being obliterated

    51. Beast Gaming

      There is a lot of evidence to back up mats theorie abt the crying child, so i agree with mat after seeing all the fnaf vids in 1 run, if he is mistakes he will admit it

    52. MastaMelon

      6:07 Doesn't Freddy help Gregory get his entry pass registered with his own name? I'm sure Chica refers to that pass to call out Gregory.

      1. Thorniel Ignox

        No actually

    53. Because I can

      This cleared a lot up of my questions. Thank you

    54. ✨ Riley ✨

      I think your theory is really intriguing and definitely a huge possibility! As far as everyone’s reaction goes,, at least it wasn’t as bad as my friends’ reaction when i told them chica did the bite of 87

    55. Austin Kowalik

      #1 on trending. You're doing great stuff here. Ill definitely be back for the next theory. a GAME THEORY.

    56. Grimm

      Always remember, with this game series, there's no such thing as coincidence.

      1. Jw

        The Gay Theorists Content is Garbage LMFAO, My content is better!

      2. oWhueee ?!


      3. Freddy frazbear

        actualy , purple guy never likied me because i was tiny , thats a coincidece.

      4. Name

        I wish you were Grim.

      5. KillerKinkstar

        @Kami Writer or simple refrences

    57. Dominique Young

      i love these theories and they are all very logical. i honestly believe every single one of them.

    58. kliki baggins

      Personally I agree with these theories, thanks MatPat!! I was wondering what you think about Roxanne. At the beginning of the game, we see Roxy talking to herself in the mirror, giving and receiving compliments. However, I noticed that the voice she uses to compliment herself has a distinctly different tone compared to the voice receiving the compliments. It could just be put down to classic self-flattery, but maybe something more is going on there?

    59. Junjo Ryu

      I’ve been watching a playthrough of the Security Breach and got to the moment when Gregory has to lure Chika into the garbage disposal and then a cutscene plays of how Gregory pushes Chika under the press and she grabs him so he kicks her in the face and snatched half of her face like that What kind of power does this child poses i think and got back here to support the Gregory is a robot theory X)

    60. blv1303

      Yoooo congrats on #1 on trending that is insane! 🤩 also been loving the security break videos recently

    61. GippyHappy

      I love Mat for doubling down. It’s not his fault the lore makes no sense. He didn’t create it, he’s just trying to put it together.

      1. paintrick

        @ForeverLaxx Matpat basically writing the lore for Scott lmfao

      2. GippyHappy

        @Jw the saddest bait I have ever seen

      3. Jw

        The Gay Theorists Content is Garbage LMFAO, My content is better!

      4. ForeverLaxx

        What do you mean he didn't create it? It's been pretty obvious from at least the 3rd game that Scott has been co-opting the theories to fill in the lore. The game was never supposed to have a sequel, let alone 17 of them and an entire alternate reality book series.

      5. Anthony Buganan

        "I will put you back together"

    62. Nube-Gamer

      16:35 I’m guessing he’s gonna be taking about the puppet next theory since it also appears to have no glowing eyes. Also here’s a detail maybe worth explaining, what if Gabriel & Fritz (presumably Freddy & Bonnie) share the same font because Funtime Freddy had a Bonnie puppet, therefore they technically shared the same body yet the Bonnie puppet is still technically detachable. Just a detail I just noticed :p

    63. Matt Gonzo

      When he talked about the eyes glowing, my mind went to the end of fnaf 3, where when you freed their souls their eyes stopped glowing and they were just empty masks. Clear connection.

    64. Kate Doster

      Number 1 on trending of all of CNblow! Well deserved Mat and the Game theory crew.

    65. Lu'ci'ten Gyrvain

      This is legitimately the only place I get FNAF lore and you make it so very interesting. I don't even care if it's wrong, honestly, as long as you can back it up. Can't wait for next week's go!

    66. Kipn0

      Does the lore ever make sense? *No.* Do I still love to listen to it? *Yes.*

      1. hammy the dragon


      2. Sleeper, Son Of Spyro

        @Lily Tract Are you trying to say I'm old?

      3. Lily Tract

        everyone- 2011 to 2022

      4. Gregory

        @Jw you have 7 subscribers LMFAO

      5. Sleeper, Son Of Spyro

        If I am entertained, nothing else matters.

    67. Nick Nick

      Y'know whether you think Gregory is a robot or not you have to agree on one thing... No one wins, literally everyone hates the concept, it makes the lore more complicated for no reason, it makes the game less likeable, and lets be honest its just something that disproves a lot of things in the franchise and brings up a lot of questions if it is true.

    68. Lesbian Ghost🍓🌸

      You make me love this game so much!!!! The stories are amazing

    69. Fry Reviews

      About Gregory’s eyes being like cameras: If I remember correctly in the books the discs don’t only affect animatronics, but also humans. Maybe the way for Freddy to not see her would cause that affect?

    70. Austin James

      "One other detail is that, while Gregory's shirt has been blue for the other endings, here it's colored purple...Just like his family's signature color." Me: I'm mean it could be purple because it's in the shade, but I'll let you have the other stuff.

    71. Foxy the pirate

      I wonder if Scott ever watches mattpats theories while eating popcorn and laughing

      1. ForeverLaxx

        @MJ Dagoat No he didn't. Pay closer attention.

      2. DJ L3G3ND

        @GhostIsBeHere for a while I was convinced hes making it up as he goes, but even today Im finding more about it and a lot of it really does fit together from the start

      3. Nino Nook

        i think thats what hes always been doing

      4. Tommatom

        of course not! he would eat exotic butters

      5. Ghoztie animates

        If he doesn’t… we’ll I don’t believe that

    72. Fatima Piña

      “Wait, they’re all robots?” “They always have been” God this is wild and I’m here for it 💖💖💖

      1. ToastyJam200

        bruh you literally copied the top comment and added three sparkling hearts to it

    73. Sewaddleverse

      2 things against your biggest evidence for Gregory being an animatronic plus more. 1. Freddy could be seeing his skeletal system. Wouldn’t be too surprising for that if Freddy could also see through walls. 2. If peepaw afton can hack into Freddy via touching a screen, why is it surprising that a being taken over by a literal glitch is glitching your vision. And if Gregory is a robot, why is he trying to leave. He’d die via running out of battery if he needs the recharge stations too. Heck, for the car ending hed die around when Freddy died

      1. kwitie

        Freddy was designed that way, but gregory may not. also when afton is controlling freddy, why isn't he glitching his eyes then? also that isn't a thing. theres a lot of evidence for it too. can you counter those claims with just assumptions and not facts?

    74. laughterbaxter

      The movie needs to just happen at this point, entirely too many loose ends 😭

    75. SnowglobeLover 38

      I think that the Vanessa, Gregory, and Glamrock Freddy are more symbolic of the Afton children as Vanessa is confirmed as lying about the custody battle and Michael probably wouldn't feel like keeping on living. He sat there while the Pizzeria was ablaze. He wanted to die. He wanted to rest. Would he really posses a random animatronic decades after his death to protect a robot who looked like his brother? I don't think so. Still love this channel and almost all of the theories.

    76. Randomboi16

      I felt like that theory was already solid, but now it makes a lot of sense. Matpat, you're our superstar.

      1. °Carot between legs


      2. KenzoSSW

        @Geo Beast he did and im glad he did, but through the video the whole theory, it falls flat.

      3. leotamer5

        @KenzoSSW Do all robots inherently have houses?

      4. Geo Beast

        @KenzoSSW I said he explained it not disregarded it🧐

      5. KenzoSSW

        @Geo Beast Then the theory doesn't work, with the unused line freddy says and the fact that Gregory is homeless. The Theory falls flat. Hence why I don't agree with it.

    77. charleigh fotheringham

      i would like to know... how long does these theories take because they are AMAZING :D

    78. You moms hoe keira

      Vennesa being elizabeth is so smart, also that fact that she literally said her dad's name was bill just gives it away

    79. StrongMouz

      idc weather the theory is wrong or right its just interesting watching these videos thats what i love about them

    80. DanseMancer

      I've always been curious as to why Glamrock Freddy's eye change colors. Like they're clearly blue in the promo and intro but become those glowing whitish yellow once he's with Gregory? And why all the new animatronics are also more 'sentient' and have actual personalities? Like, who programed Roxy to be so self deprecating when no one is around? I just think it's something to think about

    81. mac aveli

      I always saw theories as fun thought experiments based on the rules, evidence, and given lore of a media, whether loosely or to the letter. But I never saw it as something that had to absolutely had to be true. It was just something fun and goofy to argue about with friends. So I don't really understand why someone would get mad about it. It's just someone's preferred head cannon. Even if I don't agree with it, it's just fun to see something I like through someone else's eyes. Maybe that's just me.

      1. Alden Original

        Agreed! it's not a mistake,✨ IT'S A MASTERPIECE✨

      2. Slebandogux

        Yeah i don't get why ppl are hating on Matpat for these theories, he's just goofing out and having fun

      3. ek27

        exactly, its called a theory for a reason.

      4. Owen Kammer

        You only put “Maybe that’s just me” as a way to back off a bit and seem nicer, and it works, but I think you should should get rid of it😅

      5. Joshua Jorcoat

        Exactly! It is called Game *Theory* for a reason. Also, at the end MatPat always says "But that's just a theory" anyway.

    82. Kaio

      Vanessa being Afton's daughter makes so much sense because, her father and glitchtrap both used manipulative tactics to achieve their goals, both goals involving Vanessa.

    83. SkyBlew

      *ONE OF YOUR BEST FNAF THEORIES THUS FAR!!!* 😃 Maaan, alot of the things MatPat pointed out, gave me chills. Felt like those older theory videos where he would point out the smallest things, which would end up be *GAME CHANGING!!* 😃🙌🏾

    84. Rylie Clothier

      Vanessa actually being Baby is way that doesn’t involve possession or her being warped to act like Baby doesn’t make much sense to me. I may be wrong, but I thought the tapes revealed that she was lying about her whole backstory. I'm willing to think that that's Baby's story, though. Either Baby was possessing her and telling it, or Vanessa was told to use that story by Afton because it was Baby's. The idea of Baby being the one child that really took after her father, and him possibly being sentimental about it is interesting to me.

    85. Malcolm Cowart2

      I love how MatPat calmly clapped back at the peeps who grabbed their pitchfork, fire, and phones to go on Twitter and talk about how they though his theory on Gregory being a robot (which I support and believe) was entirely wrong right after they took a quick look at the thumbnail

    86. Tracks

      Gregory: Eating a yellow bear ice cream Vanessa: Eating an ice cream similar to the one baby was going to give Elizabeth Freddy: Damn this air really hits the spot

      1. Jw

        The Gay Theorists Content is Garbage LMFAO, My content is better!

      2. Basically Me

        I CANT 💀

      3. East Dikov


      4. Devinator958

        Also maybe Freddy: No finjas que usaste traducir solo para entender esta referencia.

      5. Gaurdian The Great

        Blood flavored

    87. SerunaXI

      As I've said elsewhere, what's to say that Gregory doesn't have a chip in himself to make him seem more human?

    88. BrenGamer

      #1 on trending. This has come a long way. I'm not upset with MatPat, I just wish it wasn't so weirdly complicated. I wish we didn't have to keep jumping through hoops to have a satisfying conclusion. I just want it to be over.

    89. Emécia Meteor

      Here's candy for thought, why did they choose FNAF Pizzeria as the buried and hidden location and not sister location, Its because someone had planned on building the megaplex over the location entirely to hide it from the world

    90. GoldenGoddessGamer2

      Some food for thought, if you go back throughout the series anytime there's been a fire the Animatronics survived, obviously. Could it be that the reason fire doesn't work is because its not hot enough? I mean take fnaf 6 for instance. In the completion ending, the max number of degrees is 179. No matter how you measure temperature, the most you'll probably be is scorched. (with the exception of the blob possibly). I think the only way to truly end it by fire is either by smelting temperatures or literally lava. Idk prolly not even accurate js.

    91. Irish Potato

      I can’t believe Matpat has put up with all this fnaf stuff over the years. Great job dude keep it up please.

      1. °Carot between legs


      2. LMads

        Easy views that's why he keeps doing them

      3. Dazai Osamu

        when he finishes this theories about fnaf we might just be stranded of nowhere ig

    92. TheBlackAngel

      "Let's hope this one goes over better", he says, after doubling down on the Gregbot theory _and_ implying Vanessa is either somehow a rebuilt robot too _or_ possessed by/fused with Elizabeth's soul in the same video. Twitter gonna be wild

    93. katamas

      The Freddy seeing Gregory differently doesn't really support him being a robot. Now he sees Gregory's internal organs or bones. Humans are very much different in the inside than the outside. Freddy has probably never seen what humans look like internally on any diagram or drawing Also, the CRT effect might be simply from Glitchtrap creating a virtual looking illusion for humans. I think it's meant to indicate Vanny's connection to Glitchtrap, not Gregory's eyes being robotic. I think this one can go both ways. Gregory's shirt being purple in the ending is I think an intended lighting effect, his skintone and haircolor also seem different.

      1. Randomcrap11

        @Dominusdone Depends on which piece of evidence you want me to analyze. I can refute most of the Gregbot evidence without much issue. Greg hesitating on his name... Could simply be a scared kid being hesitant to give his name to this intimidating animatronic. Even if he lying about his name that doesn't necessarily indicate anything malicious. It only becomes so to MatPat since he'd basically decided before the game started that Gregory was a robot/secret villian. Freddy referring to Gregory as 'Broken' or even damaged could simply be a natural way for an animatronic to refer to someone whose injured. The eyes have been well covered, and I won't even get started on the recharging stations... I love MatPat, but he's got realize he's really reaching with that one. I could go on, but those are some of the more popular points at the moment. I do agree about the ambiguous nature of evidence, but it works both ways. It doesn't make any argument against proposed evidence any less valid either.

      2. Dominusdone

        @13 Crystals and glam rock has never seen the inside of a human either so it could be that it’s not normal since it’s never happend see my point? It could also be he never even knew it was human but a skeleton was inside

      3. Dominusdone

        @Randomcrap11 also it’s not just stylistic because Gregory sees the flickering static too. If it was just for graphics then it wouldn’t be literally said in game that could lead to a connection.

      4. Dominusdone

        @13 Crystals ok that makes sense it just doesn’t explain why a robot that deals with children wouldn’t know about human body parts. Since it seems that Gregory is programmed with an AI system. For example at the beginning when Gregory saw Vanny. Glam rock freddy only saw a fountain which he states robot database seemingly. However it doesn’t make sense either that it could also mean that if he simply knew what a human body looks like then it could mean he was referring to how instead of looking human Gregory had robot parts see the ambiguity here. So this guy saying it’s the eyes seeing a human skeleton can be argued against himself and explained in a way that supports Mat

      5. 13 Crystals

        @Dominusdone If Roxy's eyes let her see human insides, she wouldn't comment on it because it's normal to her.

    94. Mr.GameChanger

      This is very well made however considering that this is the first open FNAF game, I feel that a lot of these things were done for reasons not related to lore, such as the lines of bleeding. It was probably changed to make the game hit that teen rating. A lot of these things feel like they kinda went in to pad the game and make it more visually appealing. I do feel that Vanessas tapes were made before game development started considering how fleshed out it was when the main story of the game feels like it was made by an amateur storywriter, so if anything is hidden somewhere, it would be there.

    95. King Silver

      I was thinking Gregory was an animatronic in the beginning of the game! Im so glad you went over that!

    96. eRic aDventures

      I feel bad that MatPat gets absolutely slandered for his theories. These are very entertaining to watch. Whether right or wrong, there are different way to tell him he's wrong besides banishing him to twitter hell. Keep making these theories Mat. They're Great.

      1. whoops

        @Jaybros Barber He didn't? Gregory stuttering might be because he didn't really trust Freddy at the moment

      2. Carlos Rosario

        They forget what the definition of a theory is

      3. Espeon Mistress

        @WoobGamer Also he said he is guessing that Vanny is Baby. He explicitly stated that it could easily go either way

      4. King H.D

        @WoobGamer you’re just asking “why can’t it be what I want?” And saying it’s dumb because of that? Why can’t it be what we want? Does my asking that question make all of your theories dumb? Speaking of which, I’d be happy to listen to your actual detailed explanation as to what completely disproves this theory.

      5. Dumbo 5566

        @Instagram User your out here trying steal views since your really irrelevant

    97. Kylen Roberts

      Matpat, I’m very confused about burntrap and glitchtrap. How did William Afton posses Glitchtrap then move on back to his burntrap self? I ask you because you are the only one I believe when it comes to FNAF.

    98. steak

      i have a theory: each game is not an addon into the same universe, each game IS it's own universe. for example: the narrative connections between each game could just be the same thing happening but in a different universe. it might be far fetched, but i think it's possible.

    99. Iris ZiLong

      Game Theory sitting at Number One on Trending? Interesting day, most certainly.

    100. Paradis3r

      I'm just wondering, has anyone decided to use something like UV light in things like the Survival Logbook, or even played the games with a UV filter? Like the gravity Falls Journal, there could be lore hints that no one has discovered. I thought of this with the mention of Gregory's vision being blurred maybe being a reference to looking at everything differently.